About us

Founded in 2010, forexprofitsignal.com is an educational forex site and an independent trader's community.

We strive to be the most useful site for independent forex traders in the world. Unfortunately the forex world is filled with "get rich quick" schemes, unrealistic sales pitches and shady brokers. You won't find forexprofitsignal.com ever claiming to have a "silver-bullet" to the forex markets because there is none. Trading forex is risky, and we want you to know it. Because once you know the odds are stacked against you, only then can you begin to work toward success.

forexprofitsignal.com quickly became a trader's favorite destination site for its free daily signals, great free tools and forum community.

We usually do not give any free signal for our stability.

Our Signal is designed to expose traders to a well known and successful method of trading known as swing trading, and to give traders of all stripes access to our powerful candlestick analysis tool (CandlePRO). Without giving away our secret sauce our method of swing trading involves taking small positions at early signs of trend changes between medium and short-term trends. We aim to keep losses small through smart stop-loss management and let our profits run as much as possible. To see our month-by-month performance view the performance statistics on the right hand side of this screen.